5 Early Symptoms of Dementia in Seniors


The Alzheimer’s Association reports that more than 5.5 million Americans now suffer from dementia. This disease inflicts a devastating toll on a family’s finances and everyday life.

Still, it is critical that you recognize the symptoms so you can get prompt and professional care for your elderly loved one. You can decide if or when to act in your senior family member’s best interest by knowing the top five early symptoms of dementia in this age demographic.

1. Short Term Memory Loss

Short term memory loss is a common early dementia warning sign in seniors aged 65 and older. Your relative might easily remember what happened 40 years ago but struggle to recall what he or she ate for a meal just a few hours ago. Frequent bouts of short term memory loss could signal the early onset of dementia.

2. Speech Difficulties

People in the early stages of dementia often struggle for words when they speak. They forget common words and terminology. If your loved one forgets what words to use when speaking or loses track of the topic of a conversation, it may be time to have him or her evaluated for this illness.

3. Troubles with Common Tasks

Early dementia robs seniors of their ability to carry out common everyday tasks. You may witness your loved one struggle with brushing his or her hair, shaving, or tying his or her shoes. This difficulty with everyday, routine tasks signals that you should ask your loved one’s doctor to test him or her for dementia immediately.

4. Apathy

Apathy is another early warning sign of dementia. You may witness your relative no longer enjoying favorite activities. He or she might also withdraw from friends and family members and instead prefer to spend more time alone.

5. Confusion

Finally, if your senior family members exhibit confusion when engaging others or trying to perform routine tasks, you should seek medical help for this individual. Confusion related to dementia can present itself as:

● An inability to recall people’s names
● Not recognizing family members or friends
● Difficulty following simple storylines
● Showing poor judgment

Frequent confusion indicates that your loved one needs prompt medical attention.

Dementia strikes millions of families each year. With early diagnosis and prompt treatment, sufferers may be able to live longer and more fulfilling lives. You can get your senior relative the help he or she needs by recognizing these five dementia early warning signs.


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