4 Safety Tips to Remember When Giving a Senior Bathing Assistance

4 Safety Tips to Remember When Giving a Senior Bathing Assistance

How to Safely Bathe an Elderly Person

Several safety options remain to those who need to help an elderly individual clean. These four home care tips for bathing an older person will give you some good ideas on bathing your elderly loved one safely.

Have Your Bathing Supplies Ready

You absolutely cannot leave your loved one in a shower or tub to answer the phone, grab the soap or get anything you may have forgotten. Make sure you have all your bathing supplies and the client’s clothing right there with you. Also, be very sure the water is the right temperature by checking it frequently during the shower. Turn off the dishwasher or washing machine during the shower, so the water temperature won’t suddenly change, too.

Giving a Bed Bath

If you are helping a loved one who is bedridden, you may choose to give the individual a bath while they are in bed. Bed baths are not hard to give, but you must have all your bathing supplies ready before you start the bathing process. First, have two bowls of warm water. One bowl is for washing and the other will be for rinsing the person. Start at the top of the body with the face and work your way down. Change the water when needed. Once you wash an area, rinse and dry it, too. Cover up the parts of the body that are not being washed to keep your client clean and to provide modesty.

Assisting Devices in the Bathroom and Shower

As long as the elderly person is still able to stand and walk, they may prefer to have a shower. Grab bars in and around the shower area make taking a shower easier. Make sure the grab bars are placed at the right height for seniors.

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A slip resistant mat added to the bottom of the shower makes showering safer, too.

Use a Transfer Bench

Many older people can’t lift their legs very high. If you will be giving the person a bath or a shower in a shower/bath combination setting, use a transfer bench. This bench allows the person to slide from a chair or wheelchair safely into the showering area and onto a shower bench.

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These simple tricks will help you give an elderly person a bath or shower safely and comfortably. Use your bathing tools to keep your client clean, sweet smelling and feeling comfortable.


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